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Microsoft Teams Tools for Creating Interactive Meetings



Course Outline:

1 – Adjusting Video and Audio Meeting Options

  • Using Together Mode
  • Switching Between Viewing Modes
  • Background Filters
  • Muting Options for Participants
  • Closed Captioning

2 – Tools for Taking Notes, Recording Meetings and Tracking Attendance

  • Using Meeting Notes
  • Recording Meetings
  • Attendance Tracking

3 – Interact with Meeting Chat – Sharing, Reactions & Polling

  • Sharing Files in Meeting Chat
  • Reacting to Meeting Chats
  • Using Live Reactions During Meetings
  • Using Polling During Meetings

4 – Sharing Windows and Applications

  • Sharing Desktop Content
  • Sharing Window Content
  • Collaborating Using Microsoft Whiteboard
  • Sharing and Viewing a PowerPoint Presentation

5 – Using Interactive Breakout Rooms

  • Creating and Opening Breakout Rooms
  • Joining and Interacting with Breakout Rooms
  • Closing Breakout Rooms and Returning to the Meeting

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