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PowerPoint - Present Like a Pro-Advanced Slide Show Features



Course Outline:

1 – Outline

  • Finalizing a Presentation – Learn how to check for spelling and accessibility, add speaker notes, and create a zoom.
  • Delivering a Presentation – Learn how to start and navigate a slide show.
  • Using the Presenter View – Learn how to configure and utilize presenter view.
  • Adding Annotations to Slides – Learn how to add and erase slide annotations.
  • Working with Hidden Slides – Learn about hiding slides and showing hidden slides during a presentation.
  • Recording Slide Timings – Learn how to work with and record slide timings.
  • Recording with Voice Narration and Slide Timings – Learn how to add voice narrations to a presentation.
  • Configuring Advanced Presentation Formats – Learn about different presentation options in PowerPoint.
  • Presenting Online – Learn how to present a slideshow online and save presentations as videos.
  • Saving and Packaging Presentations – Learn how to create a video with timing and narrations, and how to package a presentation to a folder.

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